Mil Spec, Inc. is an eager and dependable manufacturer of specially designed electric motors that satisfy your custom requirements. Those needs might include an extended design life, special dimensions or accessories, unusual materials or coatings, quiet operation, super precision balancing, special shaft extensions, special bearings or all of the above. With our certified vacuum pressure impregnation system, we have all the resources for complete corrosion protection.

We are a small flexible company that is not limited to existing designs or existing standards. We will work with you to best meet your needs rather than merely offering something close.

Each design is a special combination of electrical, mechanical and metallurgical considerations with a watchful eye on budget and schedule.

All of our industrial motors are hand wound with epoxy-coated stators and rotors. All inquiries are individually handled by experienced factory personnel. All electric motors are built to our detailed drawings which will be submitted for your approval. We test all motors prior to shipment. Depending on your concerns, we offer a standard package of tests or will offer a tailor-made package.

Mil Spec, Inc. offers competitive prices, dependable lead times, quality products and responsive information.

Let MilSpec handle your next project!